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General Instructions

Cleaning Solution Instructions

Chip Resetter

Tools required:

Buy this cartridge rather than refill it.
  1. Use a sharp knife to cut the label between the top case and the bottom cap.HP-88
  2. Remove the bottom cap.
  3. Screw the eye screw into the center of the rubber sealing plug situated in the fill hole.
  4. Pull out the plug and keep the plug on the end of the eye screw.
  5. If necessary, gently blow into the fill hole to expand the mylar back inside the cartridge.
  6. Remove the cap from the correct color ink bottle.
  7. VERY CAREFULLY insert the needle into the fill hole and slowly inject ink until the cartridge is full. DO NOT PUNCTURE THE MYLAR BAG!
    ‐ Black cartridge holds 20 ml of ink
    ‐ Black XL cartridge holds 60 ml of ink
    ‐ Color cartridge holds 10 ml of ink
    ‐ Color XL cartridge holds 20 ml of inkinside the cartridge
  8. Seal the fill hole by replacing the rubber plug on the end of the eye screw or use the large green plug in the kit.
  9. Remove the eye screw.
  10. Remove the excess air from the mylar bag inside the cartridge using the following procedure:
    ‐ Hold assembly at a 45º angle with the outlet tube at the top.
    ‐ Carefully remove the needle from the inkjt bottle with a twisting motion.
    ‐ Very carefully insert the needle into the outlet tube.
    ‐ Press and release the pump several times to expel air from the mylar bag.
    ‐ Withdraw the needle and carefully replace it on the ink bottle with a twisting motion. Put the cap back on the needle.
  11. Install the cartridge in the printer.

Note: After refilling the chips have to be turned off by pushing the "RESET" button on the printer for 5 seconds. If there is no "Reset" button, look for a "Stop", "Cancel" or "X" button.On some models hold down the right arrow key on the display for 5 seconds (this does not reset the chip, it just allows the printer to print again).

Note: This cartridge has a chip on it that has recorded the manufacturing date. The cartridge will operate for 2 years from that date. Once the 2 years has elapsed, the cartridge will no longer work.



To use the syringe and needle in the kit:

  • Lock the needle into the syringe with a twisting motion.
  • Remove the ink bottle cap.
  • Insert the needle through the bottle seal.
  • Draw the ink up into the syringe.
  • Insert the needle into the inkjet cartridge. SLOWLY push the syringe plunger down to inject the ink into the cartridge.
  • Inject any excess ink in the syringe back into the ink bottle.
  • Rinse the syringe and needle with warm water after use to prepare the syringe for the next color.

Please review before attempting refill procedure

  • Ink bottles have a dot label on the bottle identifying the color.
  • Work in a suitable area so that any spillage or drips are contained.
  • Ink is permanent and will stain clothing, etc.
  • Read the complete instructions for your cartridge before beginning the refill procedure.
  • Do NOT touch any of the electronic contacts of the cartridges.
  • Do NOT let ink cartridge dry out. 
  • Refill the cartridge immediately after removal from the printer.
  • Inject ink very slowly to avoid injecting air bubbles. Do NOT overfill.
  • Always recap partially used ink bottles for storage.
  • Exposure to air for long periods of time will cause the ink to deteriorate.
  • If cartridge leaks after refilling, let the cartridge stand in an upright position for 5 minutes on a dry paper towel.
  • Immediately install the refilled cartridge in the printer.
  • More than one cleaning or printing cycle may be required for some cartridges.